The Long Trail: Logistics

This page is formatted for a south bound hiker. If you are a north bound hiker, simply reverse the directions. Enjoy!

Getting To The Trail:  The Vermonter is a reliable train line offered by Amtrak, which provides service ranging from  Washington DC to Northern Vermont.  The northern terminus of the Long Trail is much ‘harder’ to reach than the southern terminus in the sense that it is much more out of the way and requires a bit more planning. I got off the train at the Waterbury station and then walked 1 mile to the Best Western Hotel.

The Vermonter Route
The Vermonter Route

The Green Mountain Club built and maintains the Long Trail today.  The GMC is a great resource for Long Trail hikers. They supply contact information to a few Trail Angels that will drive hikers to the trail head. This service is also possible for the southern terminus but is not necessary because it is possible to reach by public transport or the much traveled Appalachian Trail. Trail Angels usually charge a low rate for their services.

You cannot get dropped off directly at the trail head. Take the Journey’s End Trailhead and follow it to the Canadian border, and the Long Trail Northern Terminus.

I chose to start my thru hike with 5 days of food. Continue reading The Long Trail: Logistics