Long Trail Thru Hike: The Gear List

This is the gear list that I used during my 272 mile Thru Hike of The Long Trail. My pack weight was pretty heavy and I have since updated my entire gear list for my upcoming PCT Thru Hike!

Pack System

Before this hike, I had used my Gregory Baltoro 75 for over two years and eight states on the Appalachian Trail.  It conquered the Long Trail without complications and is still as good as new.  It is large and heavy, but durable and remarkably comfortable even with very big loads due to the shifting hip belt and shoulder straps. I had recently upgraded to a Gossamer Gear Mariposa pack which is considerably lighter at 30oz.

I carried a pack cover since the Long Trail is notorious for rain. It isn’t called ‘Vermud’ without reason.  With appropriate day-to-day scheduling, I was only stuck hiking in the rain on two occasions.  I have since given up the pack cover and now simply line my pack with a tough garbage bag. With some care, one of them can last you a very long time.  However, be ready for Vermont- when it rains, it pours.

Gear Product Carried (Ounces) Worn (Ounces)
Backpack Gregory Baltoro 75L 102
Pack System Backpack Cover Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover 4.03
Backpack Liner Trash Compactor Bag 0.98

Shelter System

Just like the Baltoro, my MSR Hubba Hubba 2-person tent is several years old.  This beast has sheltered me through countless thunderstorms and still stands tall.  The tent is heavier and has more space than is really needed but it can be relied on to withstand some brutal conditions.  For my upcoming Pacific Crest Trail Thru-hike, I have upgraded to a TarpTent Contrail, weighing in at 26.85 oz.

If I was to do it over again, I wouldn’t carrying a tent.  The trail never goes longer than 15 miles without a shelter popping up.  Since rain is always a real possibility at night, the shelters provide the luxury of not having to pack up a wet tent every morning.  Make sure you get to the shelter nice and early when its raining, because they will fill up quick and always have at least an emergency shelter just in case.

Shelter System Tent EMS Hubba Hubba (Tent, Rainfly) 53
Tent Footprint EMS Footprint 7.66
Stakes (5) MSR Groundhog Stakes (With Bag) 2.54

Sleep System

The Eastern Mountain Sports Mountain Lite 20 degree bag kept me warm throughout the night.  It is a very comfortable bag and compresses well, but has began to lose its loft after several years of use.  During the summer in Vermont, a slightly cooler and lighter bag would have been acceptable. I have since upgraded to an Enlightened Equipment Enigma 20 degree quilt, which weighs 19 oz.

My Big Agnes Air Core sleeping pad was very comfortable and stayed inflated throughout the night. It is not the warmest inflatable pad around but it has 3 inches of cushion to make for a good nights sleep. I was never cold under my pad, but in colder temperatures, this pad would not have worked as well. I will note that it takes a noticeable amount of time and effort to fully inflate the pad. I now have the Thermarest Neo-Air X-Lite,  which weighs 12.25oz.

Sleep System Sleeping Bag EMS Mountain Lite 20° 31.61
Sleeping Pad Big Agnes Air Core (With Storage Sack) 21.28


Even during the summer, the mountains in northern Vermont can get cold during the night and early morning.  I recommend bringing a pair of rain pants and/or a lightweight base layer.  This would also allow you to ditch the bug net pants.

I would swap out the merino wool fleece for a warmer insulated down jacket.  A rain jacket or poncho is a necessity for the Long Trail.

Clothes Socks 1 REI Hiking Socks 2.55
Socks 2 REI Hiking Socks 2.55
Underwear Under Armour Briefs 2.78
Shorts Nike Hiking Shorts 7.37
Shirt Under Armour Short Sleeve Shirt 4.82
Shirt Reebok Polyester Long Sleeve Shirt 7.23
Fleece IceBreaker Merino Wool 260 Fleece 19.32
Rain Jacket EMS Thunderhead Rain Jacket 12.21
Bug Net Sea To Summit Bug Pants and Headnet 3.56


I started the trail with a pair of hiking boots that had trekked a solid 600 miles.  The boots lasted 12 days before giant holes started sprouting.  I hitched a ride into town and bought a pair of Merrel Moab Ventilators.  They lasted me the rest of the trip and are a very comfortable pair of hiking shoes.

Footwear Shoes Merrell Moab Mid Hiking Shoe (Pair) 35.5
Gaiters Shower Sandals 2

Cooking System

The Jetboil Sol Stove boiled water quickly, however, there are lighter options available that are just as efficient.  The 1.5-liter cooking pot is unnecessarily large, a 750ml pot would be a better option.  The weight of carrying a mug can be avoided by drinking your coffee/tea directly out of the cooking pot.

Cooking System Stove Jetboil Sol Stove 4.96
Cook Pot Jetboil 1.5L Cooking Pot 11.58
Mug Sea To Summit Mug 4.35
Bowl Sea To Summit X Bowl 3.02
Utensil Sea To Summit Knife 0.42
Utensil Sea To Summit Spoon 0.53

Hydration System

I started in northern Vermont during a drought.  I ran out of water on the first day when I was a mile away from the next water source.  With proper water rationing, a maximum capacity of 4 liters is more than enough.  There are reliable water sources at most shelters. I recommend drinking your fill at the water source and carrying less water.

Hydration System Filter Sawyer Gravity Filter 3.54
Water Storage Sawyer Gravity Filter Bladders (2) 2.28
Bottle 1 SmartWater Bottle 1 Liter 1.8
Bottle 2 SmartWater Bottle 1 Liter 1.8


Everyone should customize a first aid kit to suit his or her needs.  Trekking poles are almost a necessity in my opinion, as they will save your knees, especially on the down hills.  My Black Diamond trekking poles are 2 years old and still work as good as new.  They will be traveling with me on my PCT Thru Hike this year!

Miscellaneous Map GMC Long Trail Waterproof Map 1.46
Guidebook GMC End-To-Ender’s Guidebook 1.96
Light Petzl Tikka Plus 2 2.91
Fire Starter Bic Mini Lighter 0.52
First Aid First Aid Kit (Tape, Gold Bond, Chapstick, Q-Tips) 3
Cordage 25 Ft Cord 0.53
Knife Trident Knife 3.55
Toilet Paper Toilet Paper 2.5
Toothbrush Tooth Brush 0.45
Toothpaste Tooth Paste 0.91
Sunscreen Sunscreen 2
ID/Debit Card/Cash Driver’s Liscense/Debit Card/$80 0.45
Trekking Poles Black Diamond Flicklock Trekking Poles (Pair) 19.08


I brought earbuds and used my iPhone for music.  I didn’t bring an extra iPhone battery.  I was able to charge it every 5-7 days and I preserved the battery by keeping it on airplane mode.   I brought a camera, however, I could have saved weight by using my iPhone for pictures but I think good photos are worth the extra pack weight.

Electronics Phone Apple iPhone 4 4.9
Music Earbuds 0.41
Camera Canon PowerShot A2300 HD (With Battery) 4.44
Chargers Phone Charger, Camera Charger 3.6
Category Carried (Ounces) Worn (Ounces)
Pack System 107.01
Shelter 63.2
Sleep System 52.89
Clothes 44.87 17.52
Footwear 37.5
Cooking System 24.86
Hydration System 9.42
Miscellaneous 19.79 19.08
Electronics 13.8
Total (Ounces) 335.84 74.10
Total (Pounds) 20.99 4.63

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