Down Vs Synthetic Sleeping Bags: What is better for you?

Sleeping Bag Insulation

There are a lot of different ways to insulate yourself from the elements in the backcountry. Cold, wind and wet are going to be annoying, at the least and fatal, at the worst. The most common system used by backpackers and campers is the standard sleeping bag. In my experience, most people I’ve seen with a standard bag are carrying a ‘mummy’ style bag, which uses an ergonomic design to shape the bag to hug the body and save weight and space, and an integrated hood to increase warmth. I own a few mummy bags. I have a Western Mountaineering Caribou 35 degree bag (24.41oz, long), an EMS Boreal 20 degree synthetic bag (heavy as hell!) and a Mountain Hardware Ultra Lamina 0 (heavy). I just recently bought a 20 degree non mummy bag from This bag is freakishly light and just might be the warmest bag for its weight I’ve ever seen! (Review to come!) Zpacks is a cottage gear shop that hand makes gear using only the lightest materials. They have some incredible customer service reviews and the gear is top notch.

Synthetic vs. Down
Synthetic vs. Down

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