More Than Just A Backpack…

Here at Travel & Trail, we love gear. Actually, we are obsessed with gear. Like, “Hi, my name is Darwin and I am a Gearaholic,” obsessed. When you’re living life on The Trail, the gear you use is as important to you, as a shell is to a turtle. As lift is to an airplane. As stone is to a mountain.
When carrying your life on your back, you make a special connection to the gear you use. Gear needs to fit your own technique and style, your wants and needs, and most importantly, your adventure!
Here at Travel & Trail, we haven’t tried every piece of gear, but its on our list! All the gear reviewed by our contributors has been hand tested on various trips, with no affiliation to any brands or companies.
Our mission is to provide accurate, useful information on travel related gear, so that when you find yourself on your new Trail, you have exactly what you need. Enjoy!
Ultralight Tents Sleeping Bags Hard Shells  Ultralight
Expedition Tarp Tents Sleeping Pads Rain Shells  Lightweight
Day Bags Tarps Quilts Wind Shells  Midweight
Long Term Travel Hammocks Liners Insulation  Expedition Weight
Bivys  Pillows
 Hiking Hiking Hiking Gloves Stoves
 Travel Travel  Travel Hats Cook Pots
Gaiters Utensils
Water Filters
Water Purification
Water Bladders

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