Travelers on “The Trail”

Finally, consider your predicament a privilege in a world so shrunken that certain people refer to it as the ‘global village.’ The term ‘explorer’ has little meaning. But exploration is nothing more than a faray into the unknown, and a four-year old child, wandering about along in the department store, fits the definition as well as the snow-blind man wandering across the Khyber Pass. The explorer is the person who is lost― Tim Cahill

Come get lost with us. We are explorers in a world where explorers are vanishing. We are the ones who go down those random alleys in Italian cities. We are the ones who look for the cheapest hostels in Prague, just to have a good story. We sleep outside willingly. We can carry our lives in a backpack, and hitch hike across the world. We’ve tangled with Turkish soldiers, gave marketing lessons in the Grand Bazaar, and listened to Abbey Road, on Abbey Road. We climb mountains and sit upon their lofty thrones. Though we come down, having seen, we must always find a way back up. We jump into frozen lakes and swim out to small islands, because we said we would. We live out lives the way we see fit. Free, and always searching. We are never truly lost, as long as we are on our own Trail!

7 thoughts on “Travelers on “The Trail”

  1. I was thinking about the a PCT thru hike this year…might see you guys out there. Keep the gear reviews coming!

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