The Long Trail: America’s Oldest Long Distance Trail

The Long Trail may not be the longest trail around, but what it lacks in length it makes up with a variety of awesomeness. For 272 miles, The Long Trail makes it’s rugged way through the Green Mountain Range of Vermont, United States. Beginning at the Massachusetts/Vermont border and continuing pretty much due north until the terminus, the trail follows the Appalachian Trail for about the first 100 miles.

The Long Trail is known for being particularly rugged and hard on the body. Rocks, roots, and an unsavory amount of mud (Vermont should be called Vermud), are common on the trail, but it is not all bad. A superb system of lean-to shelters dot the way to Canada, and the more north you travel, the more breathtaking the views get, and the more wild the backcountry feels.

David “Finna” Craig has thru hiked the Long Trail two times now, once southbound, and once northbound. Find here his gear list, photography, the shelters he used, and trip logistics for The Long Trail.

• Gear List 
•Long Trail Shelters

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