Thru Hiking: The Original Trail Life

“It’s either one, or all three.”


1. Pacific Crest Trail
2. John Muir Trail (as part of PCT Thru Hike)
3. Long Trail


Appalachian Trail starting March of 2017

There are many different definitions of a Thru Hike. Here at The Trail Lives, we don’t care about any of that nonsense. We firmly believe in the Hike Your Own Hike ideology, which means our definition of a Thru Hike is whatever someone calls a Thru Hike. We like to think that if you start at one terminus of a trail and hike to the other, you’re a Thru Hiker!

            Long distance hiking is one of the most interesting and accepting community of people I have ever met. Those who choose to hike long trails or distances tend to be simple travel lovers, while at same time possessing a deep connection and love of the outdoors and nature.

            People hike for a myriad of reasons, and if it doesn’t involve running from the law (not unheard of), then the reason behind you hiking doesn’t really matter any more or less than anyone else. The spectrum of hikers stretches from recently graduated high schoolers to 70+ year old retirees, from Thoreau-quoting hippies to investment bankers. Some are there to party, some are there to push themselves physically and/or mentally, some don’t know why they are out there. What seems to be a common trait among most hikers is their need to continue ‘the search’. To see what The Trail has in store for them around the next bend, and the next, and the next. Thru hiking is one of the most inspirational and brutal things anyone can do, but we would recommend it to almost anyone!

In the United States, there are three main long distance hiking trails, though a forth is in the making. The Pacific Crest Trail, ranging from Mexico to Canada, travels 2,668 miles in California, Oregon and Washington. The Appalachian Trail ranges from the state of Georgia to the state of Maine, and travels 2,200 miles through a total of 14 states. The Continental Divide Trail ranges from Mexico to Canada, traveling close to 3000 miles through the Rocky Mountains. The North Country Trail is in the process of being made, and is estimated to reach up to 4000 miles when completed, traveling from New York to Montana.

            Other notable long trails include The Camino, The Florida Trail, The Arizona Trail, The Colorado Trail, and they are all on the list!

150 days later, on September 13th, I, Darwin have completed to Pacific Crest Trail.
150 days later, on September 13th, I, Darwin have completed to Pacific Crest Trail.

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