Pacific Crest Trail Thru Hike: Hostel to Hostel Hiking

Staying at Jeff’s hiker hostel was an inspiration. His family took us into their home and treated us with the upmost hospitality and generosity. We took several “zero” days here to rest up and get the hell out of the desert sun. This is the attic that became home for a few days.


On the 3rd day of our stay, he took us out back to shoot a couple rounds off with his 22.


About 100 trail miles separated me from the next hiker hostel. Along the way, I summited Mt Baden-Powell.

Highest I’ve ever been at 9,399 ft atop Mt Baden-Powell. Here’s Darwin signing the trail register while enduring the brisk wind

Completed a 31 mile evening/night hike to the “400 mile” rocks


Stumbled upon an abandoned fire station that was burned down in 2011. This picture was taken from “inside” the building



Found a secluded mini waterfall .2 miles off trail


100 trail miles after staying at Jeff’s, I reached The Saufley’s Hiker Hostel. They offer everything from showers and laundry to horse feeding and available bikes to ride into town.


There are 16 bikes available for hikers to take to town. We had a squad of 17 hikers heading in for dinner, so Luna and Handstand needed to improvise.

A plethora of supplies in the hiker boxes



I was greeted by these horses when I woke up from an afternoon nap. One of these guys thru hiked the PCT last year.


Relaxing in the air conditioned trailer for hikers


Shade and chairs

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