Director of Toughness: Pacific Crest Trail Thru Hike, Shark Cage Diving, and other General Badassery


Instagram: @darwinkarch

Columbia Brand wants to know if I am tough enough to work as their Director of Toughness! I am here to scream from the mountain tops that I am the PERFECT person for the job! I have walked from Mexico to Canada, hiked 1000 miles of the Appalachian Trail, lived in the Patagonian wild for three continuous months, and have traveled to, hiked, and explored 26 countries stretching five continents so far. I plan to ‘thru hike’ the entire Appalachian Trail in 2017, followed by a cross continental multi-sport adventure from Portugal to China.

When I look at a map and see all the places I haven’t been yet, I am not filled with misery or dread, but rather relief. To know that there still are so many mysteries to be explored, so many people to meet and help and love, so many mountains and miles to conquer. There is no reality and non reality, simply the choices and sacrifices we make. I chose a life dedicated to adventure and wonder, and I know that I can bring all my passion and toughness to Columbia.

Locations Featured in Video:

North America

1. New York, New York
A. Coles Arena – New York University Men’s Basketball
2. Pacific Crest Trail
(California, Oregon, Washington)
A. Southern and Northern Termini
B. Dicks Pass Mile 1105, California
C. Crater Lake, Oregon.
D. Small clips of the trail throughout the trip.


1. Norway
A. Trolltunga Trail and Rock Formation near Odda.
B. Geirangerfjord
C. The town of Geiranger
D. Trollstigen road, paths and walkways.
E. Skjak Homestead

2. Montenegro
A. Budva
B. Kotor
C. Saint John’s Fortress
D. Abandoned Austro-Hungarian Fortress

3. Italy
A. Sorrento
B. Praia a Mare
C. The Path of the Gods, Amalfi Coast
D. San’Angello

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
A. Mostar
B. Sarajevo
C. Abandoned 1984 Winter Olympics Park
D. Dinaric Alps

5. Croatia
A. Krka National Park
B. Split
C. Diocletian Palace Bell Tower
D. Dubrovnik

6. Netherlands
A. Amsterdam

7. Iceland
A. Skogáfoss Waterfall
B. Gulfoss Waterfall
C. Golden Circle
D. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
E. Gljufrabui Waterfall
South America

1. Patagonia region of Chile
A. Various locations in Region XI
B. “Lucy Gomez Point” summit
C. Cordon Cochrane
D. Glacier Calloqueo
E. Valle Chacabuco National Park
F. Canal Darwin, Chilean Archipelago
G. Isla Clemente
H. Mount Tamanga Summit


1. South Africa.
A. Royal Natal National Park
B. “The Amphitheater”
C. “Eastern Buttress”
D. Cathkin Peak
E. Sterkhorn/Blind Man’s Croner
F. Tugela River Gorge
G. Monks Cowl Nature Reserve
H. Mossell Bay
I. Bloukran’s Bridge
J. Kwa-Cheetah Preserve
K. Cape Town
L. Table Mountain
M. Cape Point
N. Blyde River Canyon

2. Lesotho
A. Unmarked alpine land in the Central Drakensberg Range

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