GEAR REVIEW: THRU HIKE TESTED – Ultralight Adventure Equipment Circuit Backpack

For 150 days, I hiked from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. From April 17th to September 13th, the ULA Circuit sat “comfortably” on my back, in a plethora of conditions and terrain. Despite having to carry extra water in the desert, a bear can in the Sierra, and extra rain protection in Washington. The pack lasted the entire hike with some wear and tear associated with extreme, and continuous use. It is ready for another long hike, after some needed, but easy repairs.

World Class Adventure: On Top of the Drakensberg Amphitheater

Where else in the world can you climb a chain ladder, bolted into a vertical, basalt rock face, starting in one country and ending in another? Where in Africa can you dip you bottle directly into the river and drink deeply without purification? Where else can you have a 4,000 foot cliff to yourself, to watch world class sunsets and sunrises? Atop the High Drakensberg, in the alpine nation of Lesotho, endless adventure awaits, you just need to choose your path!

GEAR REVIEW: Titanium Goat Ptarmigan Bivy

Technical Specs Weight: 6.4oz – 7.4oz Size Tested: 76″ chest, 48″ foot, 87″ total length. Construction: 30d waterproof nylon (bottom), Impetus 1.1 (Top) Store: Titanium Goat Mileage before Review: 702 miles Longest Test: 702 miles ***Cottage Shop***

GEAR REVIEW: Montbell Tachyon Anorak

Technical Specs Weight: 2.82 Size Tested: XL Construction: 7-Denier ‘Balistic Airlight’ Nylon coated in Polkatex DWR Store: Montbell Mileage before Review: 2500+ miles Longest Test: 2155 miles ***Thru Hike Tested***

GEAR REVIEW: Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody

Technical Specs Weight: 13.85oz Size Tested: XXL Construction: 850 fil down, Coreloft synthetic insulation. Airetica nylon. Store: Arc’Teryx Mileage before Review: 2000 miles Longest Test: 2000 miles

GEAR REVIEW: Mountain Hardwear Compressor Jacket

Technical Specs Weight: 21.15oz Size Tested: XXL Construction: ThemalQ Elite insulation. 20D ripstop nylon Store: Mountain Hardwear Mileage before Review: 450+ miles Longest Test: 300 miles

GEAR REVIEW: Enlightened Equipment Enigma 20 Degree Quilt

Technical Specs Weight: 22.75oz (XL/Xwide) Material: 750 fil down (now made w/ 800-900fp), Phantom 10D nylon. Store: Enlightened Equipment  ($250) Mileage before Review: 2,668+ miles Longest Test: 2,668+ miles on the Pacific Crest Trail **Cottage Shop Quality*** **Thru-Hike Approved**

GEAR REVIEW: Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Tarp

Technical Specs Weight: 8.1oz (including guylines) Material: .52oz/sqyd cuben fiber Dimensions: 11′ ridge line, 8′ 6” wide Store: Mileage before Review: 1000+ miles Longest Test: 700 miles **Cottage Shop Quality*** **Thru-Hike Approved**

Pacific Crest Trail Gear List: Crater Lake to Canadian Border

Section: Crater Lake to Canadian Border SYSTEM GEAR CARRIED WORN BACKPACK SYSTEM Pack ULA Circuit 40 yes Pack Liner Trash Compactor Bag 2.18 yes SHELTER SYSTEM Tarp Outdoor Equipment Supplier Maccat Tarp 15 yes Ground Cloth Tyvek Ground Cloth 4.8 yes SLEEP SYSTEM Insulation Top Enlightened Enigma 20 Quilt 22.85 yes Insulation Bottom Thermarest NeoAirContinue reading “Pacific Crest Trail Gear List: Crater Lake to Canadian Border”