Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the ‘Big 3’ hiking trails in the United States. Traveling an official 2,668 miles from the California/Mexican border, through California, Oregon, and Washington, to the Washington/Canadian border. The trail varies to the extreme in terms of conditions and climate. From deserts to rains forests, and from sea level to altitudes in excess of 13,000 feet. To hike from Mexico to Canada in one season (Thru Hike) most people begin hiking sometime in mid April to early May. Most people will finish sometime in September.

April 17th, 2014, Darwin set out to thru hike the trail. In the process he also thru hiked the John Muir Trail, by adding on a summit of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States, and by hiking into Yosemite Valley. On September 13th, 2014, Darwin made it to the Canadian border, completing the Pacific Crest Trail.

Here you can find the real time blog from the hike, photography from the beginning of the trail to the end, and the  gear lists I used, when hiking the trail. Check them out!

PCT BLOG                                              PCT PHOTOGRAPHY                                               PCT GEAR LISTS

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